Tommy Fiendish

Tommy Fiendish is a London-based artist, but now spends a good deal of time in Bristol, having been drawn by the freedom and expression that the city's graffiti artists have.

Always experimenting with medium, image and type, Tommy's work is varied but always carries the same feeling and gravitas. In his own words, he is 'having a full blown affair with the weightier side of life, painting images you feel as well as view. Images born from self-expression, social commentary and investigative research are what keep me evolving, I have recently been bring characters to life with animation.'

For the past twelve years he has worked, and still does, as a tattoo artist and has had many of his paintings published in a selection of books and tattoo magazines. He also does sign-writing and graphic design, bringing elements of these two disciplines into his works on canvas.

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Black Swan Raw in Petrol & Orange

Black Swan Raw in Petrol & Gold

Knight (Staircase number 3)

Black Swan Raw Orange


The Pink Staircase

Black Swan Raw Wet

Sensitive Tubes


Swan Box

Yaktosh E Stawo

Choppy Waters

Paper Swan